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Scan Station works with any Flatbed or Document Feeder scanner that uses twain drivers.

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Scan Station Easy 'one-click' Scan Software with OCR

'One-click' document scanning has arrived!
Now you can get some real work out of your scanner; document imaging and scanning has never been easier.

Scan to PDF, TIFF or DjVu formats and to any number of pre-defined folder locations on your local machine or to network locations with one click. With an unlimited number of profiles you can set up a 'One-Click' scanning button for every client or project so your documents will be scanned instantly and easily to your pre-defined location in perfect quality with NO manual intervention required! Even file naming is automatically done for you if you so wish.

OCR is automatically performed and the images can be instantly searched and retrieved via text content searches; no manual input of data is required to achieve this.

Just pile in your paper, click the button and walk away. You can have 100% confidence that your document has been scanned to look just like you want it to look and it will be where you want it to be and it will be named just as you expect it to be.

Email option: When you scan in paper you can even automatically have emails sent with the scanned images as attachments, for example: to automatically and instantly get postal mail to staff in electronic format! No more need to hand out paper mail to members of staff.

Scanners are excellent devices and promise great things but in reality when you try and use them and you find out that the process is far too difficult and so the scanner just ends up in the cupboard and therefore a waste of money.
Well dig that scanner out again because Scan Station will bring life to it instantly!

You have nothing to learn: just install Scan Station and start using it with your scanner immediately!

Forget trying to work out how to use complicated and tedious imaging software, there is no need anymore.

If you want to be able to scan your paper so the images look their best and automatically get those images saved onto your computer or into your network folders with the least fuss and hassle, then Scan Station is the answer.

Scan Station does not need to scan your files into a database; it will scan into your existing folder structure anywhere on your local machine or network.

NOTE - To instantly search and retrieve your scanned images via OCR'd text content and/or filename searches use DocSmart.





. Save a lot of time: put in paper, click the button and walk away
. Easy to use: nothing to learn or think about, just one click
. Realize your scanning expectations
. Increased user and scanner productivity and performance
. Free yourself from frustration with using baffling imaging products
. Instantly get your paper into electronic format and onto your computer systems
. Save money: get performance better than the expensive ‘High End’ Doc’ Management systems
. Never look back; you will be using your scanner daily and hassle free
. Better and more efficient than any other scanning process available
. Reclaim your office space
. Unique product

. Uses latest optimised code to deliver maximum performance from any scanner
. Unlimited number of scan 'buttons' which have individually configurable profiles, (9 favourite on screen buttons and an unlimited list of pull down buttons).
. Profiles can save images to any location in various formats (DjVu, PDF, TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG etc.)
. No need for any manual input; file naming is automatic or can be prompted
. Automatically email scanned images as attachments to predetermined recipients
. Use prefixes or auto date stamping to control file naming or use filename prompts with name confirmation check
. Haven’t got an ADF scanner? No problem, easily get multi-page documents from a flatbed
. Each profiles has: resolution, B+W/Colour, rotate, location, format, email address list, file name – auto or manual, prefix
. Simple interface, anyone can use it, there’s nothing to learn
. Works ‘straight out of the box’, no complicated configuration required
. No need to be concerned with decisions like ‘Save As’, image quality, file sizes or answering any prompts

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 We are so certain that you will be absolutely satisfied with DocSmart that we offer 100% MONEY BACK.

 We also offer Free Technical Support for DocSmart, please send an email to support@versis.co.uk

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